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During a Sunday School Teacher's retreat a couple weeks ago, Deacon Pradeep Hatcher used what to me was a fancy new word to illustrate a point .. "troubadour".
These are the medieval poets who went to different towns using songs and poetry to share news .. those who hear these songs could more easily remember the words and in turn sing to others. In the days before social media and the printing press, this was how news and important events were understood and shared by people.
Music is such a powerful vehicle for teaching .. even today, any one of us can hear a few notes of a childhood song an immediately remember the lyrics and sing along.
How fascinating to think about this in the context of the Divine Liturgy - especially in the Indian Orthodox Church, we have hymns and prayers that are sung in beautiful a cappella tones and which carry incredible depth of profound teaching ... if we only took time to learn in the language we think.
Really frames the incredible work of…

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