Passion Week Book - English & Malayalam

St. Gregorios of Mississauga (Canada) had published an excellent resource for those in the Indian Orthodox Church - this wonderful work has the Malayalam/English/Munglish hymns and prayers for entire Passion Week.

My family has used it since 2010, and I strongly recommend even if you read Malayalam and know all the songs as the meaning of the hymns are what is most important. ICON has made the document available here: 

 Our Church has so much to teach .. may we continue to push forward and support these endeavors and show our gratitude to Churches such as St Gregorios who not only undertake the initiative but unselfishly share within our Church.


George Varghese said…
Truely Wonderfull. There is so much work like this that need to happen to fashion us truely as Orthodox Christians. Another set of wonderful books was the prayer books for Lent from MOC translated by Fr. Baby Varghese and the Sheema namaskaram translations from MOGOCSM North America

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